Seeking views (influencers) is the new extremism.


Wake up music today


I pretty much only wear pajamas, now.


I saw an interview with a guy who had spent the last six years apart from the US (his home) and he said that curiosity was one of the things that had vanished. I've been saying this for years. I lament it often.

I think, if it's your job and you have money, it's a thing. But, otherwise, it's gone. How did the internet, this amazing resource of information, damage that, too?


What are some other global business phenomenon's that had massive success and then slowly declined/spread as competitors arose (and governments saw the dangers of their power)?

India is aggressively going after Twitter with Koo. Is it finally the beginning of the end of these dominant apps? How much control will governments worldwide decide they need with these apps? For instance, it has been long well-known that WeChat is closely monitored by the Chinese government.

The world will be better off without these mostly stupid apps.

At an early phase of this slow-log I proclaimed that this was my Twitter - yes, to some extent, but while I keep a Twitter account that I rarely use, I want nothing to do with it (and even moreso FB/Instagram/Whatsapp).

What is the economic incentive to sow uncivil society? Who profits?



How nice it is to completely turn off email for the weekend. Not on my laptop, not on my phone. Peace. ;)


Am I the only one who is terrified that so many high school age kids want to be Youtube stars? What happened to wanting to be an architect or lawyer?

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The Era of Disinformation


Does anybody feel a little strange about working on the web since the attempted insurrection? I'm not going to explain how I feel, but I'm curious to hear others: studio [at] vaska [dot] com


Perhaps we're just running from the inevitable virus?

I'm not advocating for a herd immunity mentality, but how long can we hide out from getting sick? 2021 will not be normal.


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