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Polar Opposition



Was 'food' always good? Yes, of course, it was, right?

It's kind of funny to think that there must have been a recent period where most food in the US kind of sucked. Yes? Now we have all of these TV shows and new restaurants where we are eating such amazing food.

I don't think any of that makes sense unless it makes sense. What happened? School lunch food good? Let's just blame Jamie Oliver for all of it. ;)

I'm very happy last week is over - here is the recap.


It's fucking awesome that Instagram/Fakebook is showing me ads from Vietnam. Considering that I left Thailand twelve days ago and never went to Vietnam... #fuckfb


Tonight I will live broadcast my Mukbang beginning at 11pm EST. On the menu: broken glass, molten metal, al fresco uni (with shell) and an exquisite 2005 Belondrade y Lurton.


The Feelies


Nearly every large-scale event that happens on the planet is now followed by some kind of online petition calling for somebody to step down. If you thought local governments were dysfunctional, this is a new level of - I can't find a word for it. A petition can be meaningless, but people are wrapped into online tribalism now. What a mess this internet has become.


Non-stop marketing.


Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

It's possible, I'm too humble. But, I'm clearly a fucking raging narcissist for saying that. ;)

I'll eat shit for saying this but this place is my own space to say stupid things...

I believe most people these days are obsessed with talking about their personal narratives: me, myself, I, my work, my travels, etc. 'Sharing' is entirely me focused now. This is why so many conversations at parties are almost entirely about work. Hey, we're not at work, but let's keep talking about work.

Oof. What happened to the weather?


RIP Neil


Living on borrowed times

I hope y'all are doing well.


The Information
Sea Change
Mellow Gold
Midnite Vultures
One Foot in the Grave
Morning Phase
Stereopathetic Soul Maneure
Modern Guilt


Pizzanet - what a fun read through the comments this was!


How often do you check a timezone before you send an email? For that matter, how often do you check if it's the weekend before you send an email?


But, I can follow-up on the previous post by saying that it's frustrating that I'm asked so often to fix this and that for people (for free) as I would absolutely love nothing more than to be working on tons of sites for people. There are tons of people I have worked with who are very happy with the things I've done for their sites (often I also improve typography and margins in very short time).

The more than I'm working with Indexhibit the more those things work their way into the project - it sure would be nice to be paid some fraction of the cost for improvements and new things. Otherwise, all development costs, upgrade costs, are (as of most of these years) mostly on me to pay for. I'm not sure how much longer I can continue working this way, to be honest.


When you release that open source project, as I did 14 years ago now, you become vulnerable in many ways. Looking back, I guess I should have tried to monetize everything from the moment things began. But, it was a different internet in those days and that was not my intention. And still today, that is not my intention.

Even after all of this time, the project become old and quiet (but yes, it is still updated and a big update will happen in the future), there are many people who will do nearly anything to track me down and get my advice. I feel it's a bit clear these days, that I can't do that - which is why I offer paid support. This does not stop people from sending support emails, posting to the community forum (which is what they should do) and repeatedly sending me email.

I even have people who will reply to email exchanges I had with them ten years ago as a means to get me to help them for free. Recently, somebody offered me a speaking position at a conference in exchange for help (it sure felt like an odd way to ask me about it). Who is to say what is right or wrong on the internet, but I don't feel that I owe anybody my free time.

Plus, I feel like all the time I put in updating and doing the general day-to-day things is more than enough free time I'm contributing to the project. I've been working on version three for months already. I believe people could support the project by supporting me.

I give of my time, as I wish and what is possible for me to do, freely. This is how much of open source exists. It's not a job (although I wish it was). I am not paid anything for the work. It should be fun. If you would like my personal help, you need offer to hire me - it's very simple this way. Otherwise, I really can no longer afford to personally help you out with your website.


Everybody is right 100% of the time on the net. It's exhausting.


Personally, my favorite kind of metal, Illegible Typographic Metal, doesn't seem to be an actual genre. Oh well.

I don't clean my laptop top display often enough. But, when I do, I realize how much smudgery and smeariness have happened. It's like a brand new machine and my eyesight just improved ten fold. ;)


Today I learned, here in Nepal, that they use a hyrbid imperial/metric system. For some of us in the west, two and a quarter is 2.25. According to the woodshop here, and everybody I've mentioned this to, two and a quarter is actually 2.5. They are country the ticks up to the quarter marker.

Two and a half is 2.10.
Two and three quarters is 2.15.

I would much rather do measurments like this instead of dealing with sixteenths and thirty-seconds. Of course, I switched to metric a very long time ago already.




What is the purpose of spreading fake news? Yes, clearly at the end of the trail somebody is getting views and thusly there is a financial or perhaps political persuasion equation.

But, I think this goes even deeper - I have been telling friends about this for at least 15 years now. In the US advertising on a Saturday morning, after the cartoons, fills up with ads about insurance, retirement funds, prescription drugs. After the candy, then a harrowing reality that you are not protected. Doesn't this kind of anxiety make people do certain things - like, over eat.

I don't believe that is the sole intent of these commercials - rather these are the most profitable parts of the economy spending billions on advertising. Spend one dollar to make two! The timing is convenient though and kids in the US are more stressed than ever.

I was shocked to read this article today about fake news of kidnappings in India. Who and for what possible reasons is this being done? I'm aghast.


Indian head wobble explained.

Note: they do it in other neighboring countries too. ;)


I feel like a community of one.


Hello. It will be a bit quiet around here for a time as I have moved to a new continent. I'm not sure what else to say.


$array = array(); // array


Sad news.


Is there a plan if a large asteroid comes hurtling towards earth? Nuclear missiles? Repent?


Star Blazers!

It seems to be that this FaceCrapp stuff, if it were weaponized, let's say for political advertising, could be used to make images of yourself, your family, your friends, in the effort to get your attention quickly. See what so and so believes! Hurray for personalization (and shitty crapps leeching on this internet)!


I can speak from firsthand on-the-ground observation that when politics become confusing, toxic, partisan and even dangerous - people do not show up to vote. Lack of participation, meaning trying to understand the issues, civil discourse and voting, leads to all kinds of bad things.


Modern musics


The future of interface will not be websites or apps, but rather voice. And certainly, AI.

Ambient Computing is Next Great Technology Transition


Never forget #1.

I think this internet is mostly unsympathetic or far too overly sympathetic. Ambivalence basically means it doesn't exist, as well. I guess we're all OCD now.


Why do people smile for cameras?

Kanye says...

How do you support, anything, on the internet? Is it really support?


[ Intense synth music ]



July 4-5


Word of the day: Obstreperous


Dark patterns. You know about this stuff, right?


What's more important, the art or the artists signature?


The internet is an SEO landfill. Yep.

If you have little idea what this is about, also read the discussion at HN. Literally, mindplosion stuff. Here's part of one nice one...

"We missed out on like 90% of what the information revolution was supposed to bring to users, and instead the data giants have captured all the value."



Trickle-down ethics


That feeling after a trying week, a newly launched website (that had unrelated server issues less than 24 hours after) and you get to turn off email for the entire weekend. ;)


Send everybody you know a voice message instead of a text, today. Send me one, too. Cheers! #humanizination #dumbest #hashtag #ever


Rock it! Marble it!


B Boys


Just keep telling us there is nothing to worry about:

Exxon predicted in 1982 exactly how high global carbon emissions would be today


Apple makes white and black ear buds. Cool. Why don't them make them in flesh colors? Pink, yellow, brown, bland (like me).


What is the real, fucking news!


Unraveling the .jpg


Me too.


Somebody wrote me that it's dead and that I don't do anything. Ummm, do you read websites?

For the record, it's not dead. I am working on many things - alone, I'll add. I am independently keeping this airplane from sinking. ;)




And, let's not forget Emergency.

Of course, I only saw this years later on reruns, but it has been ringing my ears ever since.

I always thought that the dissonance of my youth was somehow the precursor to punk and pretty much everything else Gen X (not to be overly stereotypical though). To make my point I give you Adam 12 tv show music.

There is too much high-fiving in the world.


Stimulus for Living


I'm All Wrong






Bull meets China Shop: Kanye meets Jodorowsky

I'm somewhat confident Modest Mouse wrote more than one song inspired by this one.


Psychedelic Weapons


Price Is Right

(Typographic humor)

(I'm a fucking nerd)


Sometimes I just want a thing or whatever that remaps my keyboard to angry kitty stickers (in Telegram). Yeah, it's Friday. Time to blow off some steam - what a week.

[ insert crazy angry kitty sticker here ]

I think it would be a killer email feature, plugin, extension, whatever - where you could create as many profiles as you wanted to avert account and password hacking. Just click a button, et voila, a new email account, randomly generated email address, stored password and generic info (like birthdate) using your own domain name or even a generic one.


Art School


I often wonder if anybody regularly reads this thing. Yes, I have statistics for the site, but they are ultra bare bones Indexhibit style.

On the days following my posts where I am bitching about some of the not cool email that people send me, my own email drops off. Are people actually reading this before they post? Am I scaring them off? Maybe that's a good thing?

I believe the drop off does prove a point though - that many people email me fully knowing that my email is for hiring me for paid work - and they are completely ignoring that fact. Indexhibit has a free community forum where others are supposed to help - and they don't. It's not all my responsibility.

My own email is there if you need me - meaning you want to hire my help. Otherwise, I'm more than likely not going to respond (email takes time, too).

What is the logic of menu's when the price is right justified? Do you scan the prices first, looking to buy the middle priced item, making sure you don't buy the cheapest item? Are you the kind of person who simply buys the most expensive? And then, after having chosen a price, do you look at what your dinner is going to be?

I have to imagine that it is somewhere in the middle - how people order from the menu. I know that when I am ordering wine, I always make sure that I don't bother with the cheapest ones. And, if I find the most expensive not too much, I will always give it a strong consideration.

Does the right justified price look cleaner? It does feel like of lazy and uncreative, to me. Why couldn't the menu, if not right justified, simply stack items in their sections according to price (cheapest to most expensive)? Wouldn't that solve the problem? I only order from the bottom of the menu!

Anyways, right justificating is a bit of a bitch doing a menu on a webpage - I feel it's so vastly less time consuming to simply make use of consistent ordering, bold, maybe italic and proper space returns, that it makes no sense to right justify the menu.

Ok, I'm sure you were looking for my opinion on that - woop, there it is. ;)

Do people make and enjoy music less quality because they are mostly primarily listening to it on bad laptop or phone speakers?

Remember the days when we had the mountain of stereo receivers, turntables, cassette decks, amplifiers and of course, vinyl, tapes, cd's, etc.? Listening to music was a bit more of a chore, but damn it was nice.


Beautiful Atyping!


Does it ever bother you when you see that new app and the website doesn't have a single name of a human being behind the project/company?


Since when have so many people actively wished bad outcomes for others? Is this just an internet phenomena? Are these just paid trolls from some foreign nation? When was the last time you sent somebody an email calling them a 'fucker' and a 'dickhead' in all capital letters?

Does anybody even want to know people like that? What is wrong with whatever is wrong?


Those crappy days that seem to happen one after another after another. Hopefully tomorrow the pattern will change.


I have been *writing* a film for years that wants to be something like Slacker. I really have no idea what it would be about. Many things posted here are parts of that - but it's probably not obvious. I really have zero ambitions though to actually make a film.

Bill Murray squirting a shot of Sriracha into vodka on the rocks for an instant Bloody Murray.


When I'm feeling really down and don't have anybody to talk to, I usually end up emailing somebody. Often, proposing projects that are in the back of my mind. I'm pretty sure alot of people think I'm weird. I guess it's just a way to try to feel good and productive about something. Like, life is happening. Indexhibit actually began this way - 2005 was a terrible year for me on many levels. Today, this afternoon, without even thinking about it - I may have done that again.

Today feels exactly like this entire album.

I really hate talking about how hard it is dealing with the pressure from online projects, Indexhibit. I'm supposedly so many things that I'm not. And, for the majority of people I hear from, I'm (personally) just another free resource on the net. It's exhausting. And, even though I post my rate on my website, that's still not good enough. And worse, when I don't respond to emails - some people will send me mad, entitled email telling me that I'm wrong. It's not fair. I'm just a regular guy who created a free online project trying to get by. I've said it before but the net does not support creators much or well.

This song is called something I'm One Size - which feels appropriate right now somehow.


Sometimes I make up a story about a song, based on a song, not always about the song, though.


What does it mean to be an 'engineer'? At a fundamental level, it means that you fix problems. This also means that when you come across a difficult problem, you have enough skill to figure out what is broken and fix it. Not always fun. Often aggravating. Tedious and maddening. But, this is the work.




-1000 BPM vs 1000 BPM


I wonder if Leigh Limon ever listened to Sea Change and thought, "that guy was such a drama queen"?

Absolutely, a top ten all-time album.


Mexico City, I definitely love you.


Finally, a good use for AI. Keep refreshing...

Francis Bacon, seal of approval.

Can you remember how badly you wanted Helvetica at 8px?



Future Olympic Sport: Lightsabering


Sometimes I really just want to watch a good Ping Pong match.

I've always wondered why people who are so obsessed with taking selfies and timelapse are not carrying portable stools, as well. Maybe they might enjoy what's in front of them more, too?

If I have learned anything about the future whilst watching Star Wars it's that AI/technology sucks and still can not fluidly execute all rebel attack positions in a single blast and that people are still way too emotional.

Fact: there are six or seven new Star Wars movies every year.


Everything on the internet has become dishonest.




It's 3am and I can't sleep. Since Thursday there have been some large demonstrations in the streets. They want the president to resign. Some of the clashes with police have been violent. The not so distant sound of machine gun fire and tear gas explosions is not something I enjoy. Seeing images of blockades, burning tires, dead bodies makes me rather upset. At various moments during the day we are told we can't leave our home, but we still race to the local grocery store quickly before it too closes.

In many places around the world, this is normal and even worse. Until you experience this you can't imagine what it will feel like. And then you do and it changes you in unexpected ways - sometimes for the better and sometimes worse.

The laws of entropy state that we're all eventually going to become the same person on this internet.


I think if I was the kind of person who wanted attention I would be all over the social media apps - why not? I guess. But, I'm wholly introverted and prefer small groups of people (I mostly know). Why isn't there a social network for that? I don't know, but that is why I made this slowjamlog. Nobody reads it - I'm a moron talking through a Dixie cup in the middle of a Nascar event. Oh well. ;)


Haruomi Hosono has a new album out!

Bonus points if you know who he is without Googling his name. ;)

Ok, here's the spoiler - were you right?

Schumacher reminds me that it's Bob's birthday today.

Plural: emoji or emoji's? Emojii?

How you spell 'Sponsored'?

This is how Fbook does it to avoid ad blocking.

Anything look unusual to you? I actually noticed something like this not long ago and thought it was a weird browser freakout. No no, just an evil company desperately trying make another ten billion dollars in the next quarter.



Old school interneter. Yep. Hire me? Nope.

The internet is making us sad. Personally, I blame most of it on social media and lack of empathy. Apparently, now brands are trying to capitalize on this? Ewwwww...

Everybody...go...outside...now... ;)

PS: I've already posted many times about pharmaceutical ads on tv in the US (maybe other countries?). Resist!




Allegedly, Zuck has a security staff who guard his garbage. Yet, he wants you to share it all on FB, Whatsapp and Instagram. Disconnected? Do you understand now?


Burnout occurs when the reward is not equal to the effort you put in - something like that. Normally, I wouldn't post one of his videos, but it's really true. I was going through this in 2008 when nobody was talking about it. I wasn't allowed to say much about it then, as well. Very, very hard. It's not just me...but I thought so at the time (and some people made me feel that way, too).

Why is it when your car breaks down you don't email or call the manufacturer and tell them to fix it - it's their fault? That car was kind of expensive, right?

Why is it when your website breaks down you email the poor guy personally who gave it to you for free and tell them to fix it - it's my fault? You paid how much to download those files?

So, a free app means all my time is free too, forever? #unhappy


A trend I'm noticing lately...

I see alot of registration emails at my project (I get a note and I keep an eye on things that don't look right overall) and a new trend is that less people, significantly less people, are using Gmail accounts. It's about time!

Maybe 2019 will be the year everybody has had enough of being the product?

Again, Qwant and Duckduckgo are pretty good. I use Qwant about 90% of the time - I will use Google if I'm not getting good enough results (usually around search on code or tutorials).


Why isn't there an < omg > tag?

Happy Friday!


* pats self on the back *

Go look at the amount of CSS it takes to make an Indexhibit work. Now, go look at anything else generated. I stand by that.

Designing for the web ought to mean making HTML and CSS.

ps: Plus, I still have a ton of room to add things...

"It is war, the war of men.
They have quarreled among themselves.
All around, they want to kill,
Kill, kill, kill, kill"



How do you end tribalism? What is actually broken?


Do you trust Facebook, anymore? Then, why do you still trust Whatsapp and Instagram?


Been sick all week with a mega cold. Finally, starting to feel better.

Fuck yeah it's friday!


My caffeine log indicates that I am a cross between the Incredible Hulk and a nuclear missile.


Walk Away

Today I cancelled my 'creative cloud' subscription (you know who I'm talking about). I had to pay 50 percent of the remaining contract which luckily was just one month. Then, I set about uninstalling things, and the weirdest thing I discovered, if you search their help files with the word uninstall you get no results or records containing that word. None.

I had to search the greater web for blog posts about how to actually delete things. I had to reinstall the cc app before any of the uninstallers would work. And, that failed twice. You need some kind of a current cc app to be able to install? So invasive. Anyways, if I absolutely need it I may return one day, but for now I'm covered with other apps.


Happy New Year

This was one of the hardest years of my life simply enduring the loneliness and alienation that are caused by the country I'm living in. Yes, it would be easy to simply move away, but it's not that simple. I think most people can read between the lines of many things I post around here - this is a place where I can vent. I could talk more directly about problems but that's just too sad and it gets old very fast.

The internet is not the community we thought it was going to be 15 years ago - I still lament openly here about what has happened. It's become a cheap shopping mall - who can you really trust? And, in some countries, everything has gone the way of predatory economics where quality of life means having more than one job and little health security. These seem to be parallel happenings - at least to me.

I'm not the only person who has noted the loneliness in society today - people are writing about it everywhere. You have to find your community - in your community - where you can. Without the help of a few friends helping you get through this world what do you have? That kind of support is fleeting on the net - we were all too optimistic.

Let's all hope for a lovely 2019 - best to you!


I keep scouring the news late at night looking for that one article that will make everything seem ok.


In 2019 report every Instagram (and soon Whatsapp) advertisement as spam. I've been doing this for over a year now already. ;)


Am I the only one who believes that you should never be able to see a lightbulb unless it's one of those diffused things that aren't too bright? So many lamps have the bulbs sticking out in some form and I end up seeing green spots. I guess I'm just too whiney...


Formula for the Slowjamsblogjournalthing™:

3 parts rant
2 parts sadness
1 part folly
1 part bunkum

The ratio is patented. Kapoor is also forbidden from using this ratio.


Is a place...

It's not Vantablack but apparently it's pretty close. As long as you are not...

Note: By adding this product to your cart you confirm that you are not Anish Kapoor, you are in no way affiliated to Anish Kapoor, you are not purchasing this item on behalf of Anish Kapoor or an associate of Anish Kapoor. To the best of your knowledge, information and belief this material will not make it's way into the hands of Anish Kapoor.



Whoa! I wasn't aware that now you can use fractional/decimal values on pixels for CSS. I can only imagine it could create a ton of problems, but nevertheless, it makes sense and it's pretty cool.

All the 'great' things, aside from better display, that retina has brought to us. Too bad those guys don't have to support it.

Everything is a format.




Hey, you know who. If you think my work here is so awesome how about flattering me and hiring me to build one for you. #imnotmadeofmoney #mywork #notindexhibit

I jumped from of a moving car off a bridge and paraglided into my own birthday party where I had 3D printed every thing including all of the Arduino robot guests just so I could put a photo of it on Insta...

When you pay an arm and a leg you expect that your creative suite cloud extortion software will actually work properly. Totally far out there on the lame scale that it doesn't work. You know what I mean?


I guess I should be flattered when people compare my one-man project to billion dollar corporations spending millions (100's of millions) on advertising.

How can I put that on a resume? Do you want to hire me? That would be nice, btw.

Is there a club for us older internet pioneers who did something and were steamrolled by millions of VC monies?


As the price of having a website built continues to drop through the floor - it makes sense because, compared to websites from 10 years ago (hello, Flash), there are cumulatively less pixels employed. However, there is now much more code (cough, Javascript and CSS frameworks!) manipulating and organizing the pixel view.

Some of us are still trying to avoid those trappings - I sure wish I could charge $1000 per pixel, though.

Remember the good ole days when nearly every div was positioned fixed or absolute. Oh my, we were all making stupid crap and having a great time!

Where is your community? Really? Are you sure?


Switched to Qwant - super happy with it. Everybody should reduce their Google footprint.


In Japan when bus drivers are on strike they still go to work but refuse to take fares from the public. Think about that for a moment.


These days net, free means unfunded. Because, if your data is the product, that isn't free.


Does anybody on this planet love the Seattle Mariners?

Future Olympic Sport: Battlebots


Hey doods, what's up with you these days? Are you working on anything super good?


Future Olympic Sport: Color Guard

Future Olympic Sport:
Acrobatic Multi-Trampolining

Posted before...great song...feels good for the day:

Government Center
Modern Lovers


Next week I'm launching my new news network Newsical where you get vanilla news coverage of all the most important events synced with your favorite Spotify playlists.

Imagine todays news accompanied to Stockhausen.


Future Olympic Sport: Philanthropy

So You Want to Open a Small Press Bookstore/Artist-Run Space? A Cautionary Tale

This sounds familiar. But, I'm am thankful for the friends I did make and still have.


Tell me of a great online service that has not yet become f'd up in the pursuit of advertising dollars (tracking/selling data) and/or returning investor monies.

I should post this reminder everyday - Facebook also owns Whatsapp and Instragram - don't forget.

I had a dream that I went to high school with Tom Sachs. We created a TriFi (Tri-fidelity) speaker system. The speakers were a bit narrow and came to waist height. Of course, they were plywood painted white with the faces painted light blue, pink and dark gray with one large round hole in each.

As far as I know, nobody has ever created music for three primary channels like this - and why would they!? ;)


I've always wondered why Kanye hasn't done something with Laurie Anderson.


Neat! NPR has a text-only version of their site! #brutalism #thefutureofdesign #UIdesign


Why isn't there a mukbang channel on cable tv?

Sometimes my writing really sucks around here. Sometimes I will see things later that should have been edited long ago. Sometimes I care about that. Sometimes I don't.

I don't know why, but today I ate two burgers from a fast food chain and now I feel desperately depressed. Coincidence? I'll be fine but I'll probably need a nap and a few liters of water first. ;)


Suggested new services for FB:

Social Security Number Checker: Yep, you simply input your SSN and it will validate if they are in fact numbers in the existing whole number system.

Bank Locator: Input your bank account number and it will show you a map of all the locations of your bank.

Personal Secrets Lockbox: Tell FB all of your deepest, darkest secrets and it will store them in a secure database that only they and third parties will utilize for customizing advertising just for you.


Fictional Decision

As you know, I live in a particularly difficult third world country. This has been a hard year. I'm currently getting a long vacation in Europe. Sometimes, it gets so quiet, that I think the power has gone off. Oi vey...

Doi. I never realized that 'wherever' is actually a conjunction.

Shouldn't it be pronounced 'where ver' though instead of 'where ever'?

I think I should sue all of my public schools for never properly disclosing this and probably other conjunctions.

Do you butter? I don't butter. I've basically completely replaced butter in my life with olive oil (the Spanish cooking olive oil not extra virgin). Perhaps it's because of my resistance to people who slaughter truck fulls or tomatoes out of nationalism or because it's simply healthier. I can't even remember the last time I used butter except when grilling a steak - maybe twice this year.

And definitely never ever ever ever margarine.


Scrolling is for whimps.


Salt (iodine)
Sea Salt
EV Olive Oil
Sunflower Oil
White Vinegar
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Rice Wine Vinegar
Soy Sauce (low sodium)
Wasabi (powdered)

Future Olympic Sport: Survivor


We're all slowly drifting apart on this internet.


Every time you don't get what you want, do you claim heresy, libel, manipulation, conspiracy and/or sabotage as the culprits?


What does it mean when one administration turns it's back on nearly every other institution and long-standing international agreement?


Future Olympic Sport: Wiffle Ball


Don't forget, sponsored content is walking (probably texting too) amongst ye.


After watching Philip DeFranco's story today about things around Asia Argento I am completely convinced that social media needs to and will soon become regulated. It needs to happen, sadly.

More and more we are hearing stories, and sometimes the backstories, involving this new space in-between our lives where all kinds of crazy things are happening. Oftentimes, involving children not old enough to fully understand their actions.

But, regulation will be a double edged sword. Facebook, Twitter, etc., want nothing more than to know exactly who you are so they can sell your data. What I actually wonder - who wrote that first thesis about future regulations and when. They probably saw this day coming for years now...a decade even.

Is it inevitable that everybody will more or less be forced to put their data into these apps so others can profit from them? Or, shudder, even worse things once bad people get ahold of the data (ie, 2016 election cycle)?

Today, Instagram posted that you can now validate your identity on their service. Just give them your personal information, et voila. Is this what we want? Everybody realizes it's Facebook, right?

Personally, I won't for now. I don't plan to validate any of my accounts - I have this website no less! Strange times that don't seem to have enough benefits for the regular guy except getting free services they don't really need. Just sayin'...

Something that was always a bit unusual about the US was the comeback. People love a good comeback story - or at least they used to love them.

Nothing scientific here, just a bunch of observation - but I wonder if the comeback is dead or dying in the US. If you take a look at social media, people seem to never want to forgive or forget. If you have no idea how harsh comments can be - they can be awful.

Is this a new normal? If you saw that person walking down the street would you actually feel those thoughts or would you feel good for them being able to move forward in life?

I'm not going to write a novel on the topic - but what is it exactly that we love about a comeback story and what is it that is lacking these days in that respect?


Exclamation comma and question comma should be adopted into the world of punctuation.

Hashtags were a pretty cool invention. But, many swear words!, these people who #hashtag #every #damn #thing #or #brand #they #can #think #of #just #for #attention #should #be #called #out #in #the #most #harsh #or #whatever #way #imaginable.

Do some or any of these people even realize how hard they are cramming marketing garbage down our faces?

Sorry, but I really hate the abusive use of hashtags. I'm doubly sorry if you don't appreciate my curse words (note: I edited).

Whatever...here are some uncommon punctuation marks.


Future Olympic Sport:
Celebrity Youtube'r Boxing


Whether I agree with them or not, these panels on the TV news should be described as they are - opinion. I'm not for tons of regulation, but it should be required by law that if you are giving an opinion it needs to be indicated as such.

I don't have any idea how to combat the fake news - some of it inherently violent towards others. It's too bad that there are people who are so left behind in the country that they are unable to use reason to get beyond those fabrications.

Sorry for the political junk here. You must realize that I try to say very little and in that I try to not be annoyingly over specific (but it's probably obvious where I'm coming from). Very weird times.


Future Olympic Sport: Rock Skipping

aka: Stone Skimming


I feel that this genre of news reporting that is comedy or entertainment is ultimately not serving people well. It creates an echo chamber that is self-serving which mostly amounts to division instead of constructive discourse.




I think they should stop calling it 'brutal' design and call it fundamental or utilitarian design.




What the world really needs right now is a wild band of dinosaurs to wake everybody up.


Future Olympic Sport: Fortnite

I got a very pleasant spam asking me which hoses I wanted to buy - I'll take one of each!?

1 Single line oxygen/acetylene rubber hose, Propane gas hose, Twin oxygen/acetylene rubber hose, Argon hose.
2 Air /Water rubber hose
3 Oil rubber/Tpe fuel hose
4 Steam hose

Lately, I'm trying to say things but I'm not saying the things I wish I could say. While this thing is supposedly unfiltered and unedited, I don't want it to be depressing. Well, more than it already is.


It's kind of like Chess. The more I post, the more others post. The more others start asking me questions. The more I see others posting my name. One question will lead to other questions. Eventually, I begin to feel like I should stop posting.

That's probably not like Chess, at all. Plus, I'm not even talking about all of the email that I still receive.

Note: helping people over the net is really not that easy.


Rather often, the new mail chime for Apple's Mail app triggers up to five minutes after it has received mail (yes, and read). On some occasions, it will even chime after I've closed the app.

Holy geezus! John Maus on Juan's Basement - Combine (first song).

Sad about his brother... ;(


Future Olympic sport: Synchronized Capoeira


Six hours per day on the electrical grid (the rest is battery and generator). I am fucking losing my mind.

Symmetry is too predictable.


In all of this broohaha with Facebook losing billions on market share - FACEBOOK IS NOT CONTENT!!!!

I am beyond disgusted right now...

Test post.




Future Olympic Sport: Cup Stacking

The nice script I use for auto columning the site doesn't natively work well with flex. After trial and error I realized that I needed to force flex to 'row' instead of 'column' at page load so the script can actually make proper height calculations (and everything that cascades beyond that). So, for the most part, I believe it's resolved. Again.

And, if it's not, bask in the greatness that we all know and love: CSS! ;)

PS: this also means I'm a bit closer to releasing this format publicly.


Years ago I saw this documentary about a lost baby tiger who was raised by the people who found it - mostly, their little girl. The tiger grew up and loved them all but the family had to move. The problem was that the tiger was likely going to be killed in the wild because it had never known another tiger - it would likely not be accepted into the pack. I was devastated watching the young girl say goodbye to the tiger, the tiger having no idea what was about to happen to it. I cried, I sobbed, for a week. I'm still crying.

Don't show me documentaries like that ever again, please. I can't handle reality.

Headline oversaturation - I don't care or believe anything I see on the net anymore.

Make the internet great again.


What a fucked up surreal day.


I am not a fan of pigeons. For the past year and a half they have been using my home as some kind of next making alot of noise and crapping all over things. The last thing I want to see is that literal shit gloping down the wall.

I try to harass them and make them go away. Nothing really works and I can't simply go to a store and buy something to do the job.

But, lately, they are gone. We have these two very large crow-like birds that scream as if they have deformed beaks and jump from tree to tree without tire as long as there is a scant amount of sunlight - meaning all fucking day. They are super loud, too.

It's funny how nature works this way - you have one annoying thing that replaces with another annoying thing. To be honest though, I would rather have these annoying birds than those other annoying birds.



You want to vent. You want to tell people you aren't doing well. You want them to know the situation is not good. But, being negative is totally not good, as well. So, you sit there suffering and wanting to just talk and you can't and don't. You feel worse and worse inside. You become invisible. You become filled with your own anger and desperation. The secret simply being that this is a miserable situation. You feel yourself changing internally and you hate it.

I'm living in a dangerous country. I spent Friday and Saturday night alone listening to gunfights in nearly every direction. I did not dare look out my windows or even get near them. I stayed up all night until the sun began to rise. I hope and pray this never happens again. I'm still trying to process these events in my mind.


A few things online articles need to have in my opinion.

1 - the name of the author
2 - a link to a bio of the author
3 - the date
4 - information about the publisher
5 - not be false


I've just spent the last two hours roaming around Twitter reading all kinds of things - mostly news about local events, though. The amount of obviously fake and bot-controlled accounts is crazy. The number of accounts with barely intelligible posts talking about very specific current political happenings - obviously fake. If I was more bored I would actually write down the common patterns and post on Medium, but I rarely go on Twitter and even more rarely go on Medium so I guess my universe is already perfect.

Wow, just came across another botnet. How Twitter doesn't see this stuff is mystifying. There must be some kind of profit happening there which allows for these things to exist. But, as we all know, it's in part an awful community because it does exist.

Update: more time today - what a shit platform. They claim they are deleting one million accounts per day right now and it certainly needs to be more. It's so obvious when you look at an account - the images, the number of posts over time and then when you see the tweets. Watching people post or retweet obviously fake articles is maddening. Do people not think when they are on the net?

Have you played Fortnite? I haven't played Fortnite. I don't think I will ever play Fortnite.

I still haven't played Grand Theft Auto, too.

Apparently, you can start a business in Second Life. What?

I guess we play games for the money now? Not for fun, relaxation or even actually socializing with others? I'm OG, it seems.

I'm a bit afraid to fall asleep tonight. #gasprotests


Ohmygoodness the layout on my site has gone completely haywire again. I don't think I really enjoy it and you probably don't either, but I feel like it's some relic that needs to exist this way. Until, that day when I sort it out. Still haven't been able to bring myself to do that though. I guess it doesn't matter though since nobody reads this thing anyways. ;)

PS: well, shit, after this post it seems to be right again. WTF?

PPS: haha, after that PS it's borked again!!!!!!!!

For quite some time I've been trying to figure out how to make my life more quiet. Mostly, this meant getting away from email. The problem, for me, was that while I could close the email app on my laptop, it was always present on my phone (and my tablet). I could never bring myself to disable email on phone until recently - best idea ever!

Now, a few times everyday, I begin to wonder what happened to the standard amount of email I routinely receive. When I'm traveling, of course, I will re-enable email on my phone - that is a necessity.

While I'm not an avid user, I do still use Whatsapp - but for the most part I only use this with friends (not work). These intrusions are more enjoyable.


Do you like taking photos of yourself?
Have you ever thought about that?


Half Japanese


I'm not sure what to think of how to say this...

The more society makes use to labels (especially politically) the less likely it is that there can or will be any kind of constructive discourse.

It's all so terribly disturbing what's happening.


Nationalism is ultimately supposed to be a positive force, not a means to separate ourselves from the other.

I love World Cup and how unexpected events and feelings arise out of watching the matches. That Japan v Senegal match was probably the most respectful major international match I've ever seen. And then to think that their fans are cleaning up the stadium together after the match (I hope somebody makes a documentary or something about that).

Real patriotism these days is resisting division.

Next to black, or dary grey, pink, or desaturated pink (in my opinion), are the most punk rock colors.


Am I the only one who starts crying every time I see Paul McCartney on the tv? I hope he lives to be a billions years old. Tyranusaurus Paul.

"The National Sleep Foundation recommends an average of eight hours of sleep per night for adults, but sleep scientist Matthew Walker says that too many people are falling short of the mark."

I try really hard to get eight hours of sleep every night and most of the time I don't make it. I've suffered from sleep deprivation my entire life. On those days strung together where I do manage the right amount of sleep I feel like a better version of myself.


That feeling when you cooked for a bunch of people and you made the exact amount of food.

Don't forget that Instagram is just another word for Facebook.


OMG. Must...resist...urge...to talk...about...politics.

Mostly though, when not feeling outrage over the situation, lately I'm trying to perfect my karaage recipe. I think the three times frying is totally the way to go.

I hope you are having a nice day, have some great karaage and don't feel like you should talk about politics because of stupid things happening.


"Brevity is the soul of wit."


Haut & Knochen

Yeah, don't go on Facebook anymore. Never. Ever. Just let it die.

Send emails to your friends - talk to them. Fuck the fakery.


Metal is very much like liquor to me - I prefer clear. Silver, platinum, over gold, brass, whatever else. I think of those as dirty metal/liquor.

Vodka over whiskey. Silver tequila over the other stuff...


Tonight I was able to convince Siri that I was a genius. Ultimately, she confirmed.

Now, see if you can do that. ;)

PS: I've got blood all over my face from cutting myself shaving...

Yes. I am the asshole in the bar who is rooting for the underdog world cup team. Go Senegal! Something like that...


My new line of throwing knives are now available at Target and 7-11 (in Japan only).


Personally, I think social media is dangerous.

Sorry, the rest of the world, for our guy who is sitting in that white house.


Best episode of BJ Rubin, ever!

How in the hell did he get Roedelius on his show?

That's very sad news about Kate Spade - condolences.

I don't have a Kate Spade bag (I do have an Andy Spade bag though) but I bumped into her in her shop many years ago. I was star struck and just said 'hi' and she acknowledged. Then, she noticed that I had a rubber band wrapped around the tops of the sleeves of my sweater so I could wear it over my shoulders. She pointed to it and said "that's cool".


In the future, maybe I will actually have something say again...???

But, maybe this is good enough, for now.


Talking about mental health seems to be the new thing (especially online). I've never done that kind of thing myself though...nononoo...it was just my other me. ;)

And that being said, because I'm feeling a bit odd these days with posting so much baloney...

I started this journal as a way to unwind myself after eight years (at the time, two years ago) of doing open source and everything that comes with it. You live through something. You feel the changes even if you can't see them at first. The ground is moving under your feet. I think I'm feeling much better. I mean, if all I can think about posting are music videos, then I think I'm definitely in a better place.

More importantly, I feel like I can talk about how it felt over the years (not here, of course - just in general chat).


There are so many bad patterns on websites these days. Like, the in-browser popups that want you to sign up for newsletters. Or, social links - studies show that people are not clicking on those stupid things. Ultimately, it comes down to respect for the user whether somebody clicks on those or not. Flashing all the social links is not exactly polite or cool, anymore. Less options, is more time to think.


Every THING has become politicized! Fuck me! It's time to colonize Mars!

All of this BS is not going to end well. Tired.

It should be called "foootball". #threesidedfootball


I had a few Haruomi Hosono albums (meaning, vinyl) back in the days. I sold everything in the early 00's. Every now and then I come across something I totally forgot about. Here's a crazy one...enjoy...

Paraiso - Haruomi Hosono


I'm pretty excited for World Cup. Re-watching 2010 Spain vs Germany semi-final, right now.


Early Warning Signs of Fascism*

1. Powerful and continuing nationalism
2. Disdain for human rights
3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
4. Rampant sexism
5. Controlled mass media
6. Obsession with national security
7. Religion and government intertwined
8. Corporate power protected
9. Labor power suppressed
10. Disdain for intellectual and the arts
11. Obsession with crime and punishment
12. Rampant cronyism and corruption
13. Fraudulent elections

* Source: US Holocaust Museum


I got my flash mob vaccination a few years ago.

I am now taking Cryptokitties as payment for my services.


Sorry, I'm a bit obsessed at the moment. 1990!

Shaun Cassidy is a green screen. But, I don't think green screens existed yet.

If you live in Europe you have the likely pleasure of owning a refrigerator that is no deeper than your common kitchen counter. But, in the US for some reason, your standard refrigerator is about four inches deeper than the counter. I discovered over the weekend that you can in fact have a US refrigerator that does not extend beyond the counters - except, it costs extra. That is really infuriating. "Better" design costs extra. In this case though, it's completely preposterous.

Why not simply make refrigerators fit at the standard counter depth without doors that are wonky and need all of that extra space? Yeah, I think I'm the stupid one. ;)

More of this.
More of this.
More of this.
More of this.
More of this.
More of this.
Louder, please.


The machine is the machine. Love the machine sound. Or, don't. I'm tired of the boring sounds. This is the shit.

I don't need no synthesizers. Unless, they are fucking awesome.

Sorry for all the music lately. I feel a bit too indulgent. What are the great resistance songs being written today? Seriously, you tell me...


Pre post Soviet punk
Post Soviet post-punk
Pre Soviet collapse punk
Pre Russian new wave
Russian butt noise punk
Post Soviet Russian avant garde punk
Zvuki Mu


When you are working solo you are the first, second and third person in your conversations.

(Does that even make sense?)


I LOVE waking up and not having any new email. It doesn't happen often. Maybe just a few times in the past 15 years.


Is "content creation" the new tourism industry? There are so many unfamous, famous people these days. Warhol's algorithm needs to be updated.


I've wanted a haircut just like David Lynch's since I was a teenager.

Future Olympic Sport: Knife Kicking

Maybe they should call it Fakebook now. They deleted 583 million accounts (!!!) in the past three months?! That's 25% of their user base. How is any of this ok? #baffled

I get all kinds of crazy email. Sometimes, I feel like I have to get involved in stupid stuff I do not care about - nor am I responsible for. I don't have the money to hire attorneys to answer these questions. It just never stops - year after year of these things that just zap the passion out of something I actually enjoyed doing.


Remember when you knew people who just knew things - whatever that wisdom gene is/was.

These days, I don't think anybody cares at all about wisdom. You can just Google shit up, et voila.

I don't know how you get this stuff back - except for turning off the computer collectively for probably a couple years.

Dear Youtube,

Could you please make a block feature so that I never have to see particular channels suggested or otherwise on the site ever again?



My own belief is that people are engaging with Instagram less. While it might still be growing, I think people are fatigued with looking at so many images, especially the ads, and with endlessly liking things. This is why they are now pushing out new features every week - trying to get people clicking more again. The sales stuff is interesting but let's be honest here, it's Facebook behind the scenes*.

* Facial recognition via AI to the max...


If I read the news I don't feel like posting anything. Damn, I'm tired of this daily train wreck.


The net has become so convenient. We can simply do a search for very particular information. Thinking, is a passive activity.

But, this is why, maybe, people so quickly become enraged at their computer when faced with having to figure something out. Lashing out like a person they are not in commenting or email. Would you ever talk like that to a person at work? At the coffeeshop? In public? Probably not, but you do. We all do it.

As an engineer, I often find myself having to solve weird problems. Not necessarily things that have never been done before, but certainly things that are not done very often (at least, not yet). I will often push the problem away, procrastinate, feel anxious, be uptight, before I can find the moment to resolve the matter at hand. I can do that, though.

I think many, most?, aren't looking to solve any engineering problems - they just expect this net to work.


A little sriracha with a little white vinegar!


Three Japanese things I adore:

The Book of Tea - Okakura Kakuzo

In Praise of Shadows - Jun'ichirō Tanizaki.

Japanese coloring

PS: you can buy those books at Amazon but I don't feel like linking to them - just search and you will find.


Youtube has to be a potheads dream come true.


A Love Letter to Plywood
~ Tom Sachs

There are times, as I am asked questions daily, where I want to respond to everything with lyrics from songs. It probably wouldn't be helpful but it would certainly much more enjoyable for myself.


Do you know what really makes you different from everybody else?

I recommend trying your screen in grayscale - best new feature that has existed for years. You can always go back to color with a triple click of the home button, too.


I think it's time to change colors around here.

It has always bothered me that computer displays can not do fluorescent colors. Or, proper overlay of layered things.

For many years I believed that Adobe was contemplating making a web browser and I finally asked a friend who worked there and he said definitely not. Not that I really want Adobe to make more apps we don't really want to use, but damn I wish we could have proper layering effects as we are used to having.

There is a startup right there. Which probably means being sued by you know who. If you have a few millions bucks, let's talk.

Well, I haven't posted many of his songs. Maybe I'll make a playlist or something. I really adore Robyn Hitchock. In the old days in Seattle we would see him every year and sometimes we would manage to spend a little time hanging out with him. One of my most fave songs...

You and Oblivion

It's good to be thoughtful. It's good to take feedback. But, at some point, the real job is to edit appropriately and do your work.

My Google PageRank goes to 11.


Woo! Neal gave me a mega put-down for preferring vodka over gin. It also sounds like he thinks martini's can be served to children! ;)



I'm sorry to my US brethren, but the Brit's are right one these ones.

I love a good Vodka martini. I know, I know: perhaps I shouldn't admit this. Maybe I should claim to be a craft beer lover but I was drinking fresh Red Hook AT the factory years before Budweiser bought them (Google that to see how many years ago that would have been). I like a good IPA. But, I really love a great martini and where I live - I'm told I make the best martini around. Maybe. Anyways...

Easy Dirty Martini

- Fill martini glass with crushed ice. Fill shaker to brim with ice cubes.
- Pour roughly 1 oz of a dry vermouth over ice, quickly shake and then pour out.
- Pour about 3 oz of vodka into shaker and let sit for a minute or so.

Now, which vodka do you use? This is ultra complicated, but, use one that you like. I prefer a rather tasteless vodka - Tito's. It's great for mixing. Some people are swayed by expensive vodka and others by something rare and more artesenal. Use what you like - it will make a huge difference.

Gin? I don't really like gin.

- Pour a small teaspoon (green) juice into shaker (this is where it becomes "dirty").
- Shake and shake and shake until it's frosty cold. I wrap it in a towel when I shake it.
- Pour out ice from glass and then pour out martini through the strainer.
- Toss a couple olives into the glass.

Normally, you should get ice crystals forming on the top of your drink.



Why don't designers and design studios publish recipes on their sites/blogs?



What percentage of people cry when they unexpectedly meet Paul McCartney?


Everybody should do this...download their archive. The problem is that this is very unlikely everything.


If you aren't an FB user, they still have put together an archive of everything they can find about you based on contact lists from all of your friends.

One thing I find frustrating these days, and yes I realize this is a big can of worms...

We're at this stage now on the net where non-technologist's are being told by business-minded technologist's that the products are good and safe.

But, for somebody like myself, or the many thousands of people who understand fundamental technology, we have been screaming for years that it's not true. Like, Facebook.

I understand it, but there has been a fundamental shift in who are the gatekeepers to privacy and security and it's not the people who are most understanding of the problems at hand.

I'm sorry to my friends who want to tell me that this or that app is great - I do not care if you think I'm arrogant or a curmudgeon because I don't value your opinion on these things. I care much more than you.


Repeat. Forever.

The truth is that the footprint of European refrigerators totally destroy American refrigerators. If I was making a home in the US, I would install an inverter inside the wall if I had to just so I could have a European fridge.

Also, every home should have a second (deep) freezer. ;)

So much news happening these days...



At what point does it stop being DIY?

When will marijuana be just another herb on the shelf just like oregano? We can cook with alcohol, right?



Why don't home centers (ie, Home Depot) create 'maker' spaces?

Which universities have degrees in cake decoration?

Why don't car horns have volume controls?


How do you share a music memory?


Modern outrage.

Being Ed Ruscha'd is the new Rick Roll'd.


Ummm...it's magic...

Best art ever!

At one point in my history, I was able to speak solely in Talking Heads lyrics (plus David Byrne solo lyrics at the time). Today, I'm not sure what to think about that...


That's exactly what I'm talking about...

PS: the Japanese subtitles are somehow totally apropos. ;)


#kimchibeard #davidchang #uglydelicious #ilovekoreanfood



A nice interview with Jason Kottke. He doesn't know me, but he is my brother in this struggle to keep the internet real (and hopefully interesting). #kottke

Damn. When I was in high school I was mostly worried about being bullied by jocks. What's happened across the countries - kids have been sold short. They deserve massive apologies and real support.


I'm mostly convinced that every comment on dribbbbble is from a bot.


Another school shooting. Every time there is another crisis in the US I wonder how things would be different if lobbyists and political action groups where banned from access to government. Healthcare, guns, insurance, pharmaceutical, net neutrality, food quality (research 'acceptable' salmonella), etc.


Today I realized, waaaaaaay after the fact, that I use messaging like an on-going conversation. I believe this makes me stupid. ;)


I don't feel like posting much today. I'm so annoyed by the politics of shit happening right now.

Here's my favorite Frankie Cosmos song.

Have a fun weekend!


The only "experience" I have is knowing that things are possible.

What is something that isn't accessible to most people? There's a project!

On August 30th of last year I said this was happening.

They are an internet predator.


Everything you do on the net - there is somebody or some organization exploiting you.

And three minutes later I came across this article. Not like this is any new news, but still, it's getting worse.


Brutalist websites are the new 2018 Camaro.

Bonjour P! ;)

Annnnnnnd, we're back to four columns now. Feels good. The fourth column is the fourth heat. If you know that reference you should turn your tv off. ;)

Edit: yeah, I'll fix the flex problem some day. It's kind of cool the way it fails though, innit? Fixed!

If I had to guess, I will venture that today is possibly one of the biggest days in history for political bots espousing their 'common sense'. The internet is dead and hollow. So are politics.

One of the weird things that has happened over the years is the need for people to assume roles as community leaders, but who play no part in supporting the people who are responsible for their being a community in the first place. The strength of a community is certainly the people in the community, but it's also the platform they are standing upon. If the platform fails, it's all been for naught - only the platform bears the burden.

In a previous version of this website I said it often - support people who make things. Supporting people who are simply making things happen is not the same thing. Somewhere around 2011 I nearly gave up completely doing Indexhibit because of this kind of stuff.

If you are going to support 'community' you better as damn well support the platform directly. I know, I know...this is the internet and people can do whatever they want. How many good things have you seen fade away over the years?

Edit: And the number of times people told me that it was my responsibility to advertise in order to make money - that was infuriating. I usually just never listened to those people ever again.

The person at the other end of your email is most likely a human being, too.

Will we one day have to categorize communicators?

Vaska, HB (human being)
Vaska, Bot
Vaska, AI
Vaska, Dork PHd

Why does Instagram need to add all of these stupid 'features'? I don' t need to discover new people on the platform. I don't need to know about local businesses selling plastic crap. I don't need video calling in the app. For every new feature they must be collecting another binders worth of info about each user.

What's going to replace Instagram?


A breathtaking album by a band you probably have never heard of (they split in 2002). Number Girl - School Girl Distortional Addict

Don't let this internet stuff cut you off from humanity.

Morning music! Wake up!


Feels vs Reals

Ok, last thought tonight.

I don't want to create interface just so I can have a place to hang more interface. That's lazy design. Until I figure it out I'll probably just post more songs. ;)

Sorry for all the songs. Been stuck in my head all afternoon. This ones the best. Yep. It's that good. #slowcryin #fiona #timeforsleep #morehashtags #okonemore #goodnight

Yes, I'm definitely kind of weird. I've been watching earwax extraction videos for the past hour and find myself rooting for that persons ear to finally be cleaned out. Success! #strange #gross

Next time I'll live log it just for you.

Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.

~ Groucho Marx

I'm not an influencer.

~ Me


Late Saturday night music stuck in my mind. I love singing this sound when nobody is around.


Daubing on those haters. Wait, what?

Forget safe places, what we all need are 'safe words' when discussing politics. Well shit, when discussing anything on the net.

I totally have this particular version of this song burned into my brain this morning. Deerhoof!

Edit: Grammar Whatever

There must be a warehouse some place with a billion lonely unsold cassette tapes.

Autoscroll, I am not your fan.


I don't agree with everything Umair says, but this particular essay about bullying is prescient. We're all encountering these kinds of things (thanks social apps) but what will happen next? The 'norm' is passed on to our kids - people should be more concerned.

If you walk under a ladder, but then walk back under it to go around it, does this remedy the superstition? What is the protocol? I think we need exactly 12 graphic designers to solve this real world design dilemma.

Wow. Philip DeFranco is building his own video platform. Soon, he won't need Youtube. It's clear what is coming down the road. So smart!

In ten years he will be the next Peter Jennings. Something like that. With more curse words. I'm good with it.

Was Youtube ever supposed to be a job for people? Was Vine? Whatabout...

You get the point. It's a bit surreal to think that some of these social platforms are practically job choices now. Of course, if everybody could, they would be John, Paul, George and Ringo (heard of them?), but it's not possible.

I've posted about this before - I just feel that it's very weird. If one of my nieces or nephews told me they were going to be a Youtube star I would just nod. And then, I would probably harass them with fireworks as much as possible.

Good content is good content, right? ;)


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This site is run on Indexhibit. This log uses a new (experimental) thing I released a few days ago. Of course, this format is a pretty heavily modified Documenta format. No, I don't think I will release it but I bet with some ingenuity you can do it too. It would be more cool though if you did something unique. ;)

You probably already saw this but whatevs...

Indexhibit Journal/Log System


Interactive Phone Book!

Many years ago I got a jaywalking ticket for crossing a single lane, one-way street in an outer part of downtown Seattle. I was baffled. The police didn't appreciate that I was laughing about it - but I simply couldn't believe what was happening. I happily accepted the ticket and paid it immediately at the local courthouse the same day. Yes, I thought it was completely ridiculous but I don't make those laws.

And then you read an article like this - The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of "jaywalking" - and I can't help but be really annoyed. In my opinion, the police have far more important things to do.

In Bolivia, they slow down traffic in the big city with Zebras.


Can Instagram tell you who you are?

Notwithstanding that it is part of FB and I really don't like social apps - I do make a light use of Instagram. I tell friends who want to follow me that I don't use it in a normal way and that they can't follow me nor will I follow them back.

I follow very few things and because they are not friends I have no problem removing something when I'm done.

I have never considered much what I was following except that I was aware there are some small trends. My feed consists solely of woodworkers who usually show work-in-progress photos, two feeds related to art and the rest are Asian antique dealers (mostly small goods).

I do not follow any graphic designers, curated design farms or anything related to the web at large.

It just ended up that way. Maybe next year it will be rather different.

What's in your feed - are there any trends you can identify?

I could write extensively about why I don't follow friends and colleagues but that can be another post some day.

It's interesting how perceptions around the . (period) have changed. I never thought I would see or even understand this, but somehow I do. I believe that for informal conversations it can simply feel too strong (or even aggressive).

I've always been partial to ... (ellipsis) for ending conversations but I always thought of it simply as a bad habit.


i'm sorry, but angry music or sad music is much more intellectual than bland music.


Beware of your own echo chamber. Google and Facebook are the deepest caverns of your own bias.

I suggest that everybody take the day off to think about it.

The drama of the Internet is that it has promoted the village idiot to the bearer of truth
- Umberto Eco, on Social Media

I found this quote in a discussion on HN (always such good discussions by smart people - what the internet used to be better at years ago).

What was I saying yesterday, Pascal! ;)


David Byrne has a new song out. First time I heard it I thought how amazing it is that he can write a good song and a terrible song at the same time (the chorus seriously needs work).

Everybody's Coming To My House

My website is kind of boring, innit? I have zero plans to make it less boring.

Goin' Nowhere Fast

I think the way to de-sensify desensitized persons who stare at a screen of some kind all day, every day, is to force them to have to talk to people while looking directly into their eyes.

How easy it is to lack humanity from behind the keyboard...sadly.


Don't "work" all the time. Don't do the same thing every time. Do useless things. Do things you will toss in the garbage the moment they are done. Make time to be useless - it will liberate your mind.


From now on I'm going to produce all my graphic design works using only a power drill.


Seriously, I look at Twitters and just blink many times. What the hell?! I don't even bother with the Fässbüch's. My goodness people - just talk to each other. In the same room. Maybe on the phone. With other people in the room. People who are not on their phones. People who are also talking. Talking about the things being talked about.


I'm an ok cook. I think the single most amazing thing I've learned over the years about cooking is the simple and incredible value of salt. Salting things properly. Brining things properly.

I'm tired of OS X. Apple is pretty much the only technology company I completely trust, though.

Maybe, all I really need are new metaphors.

For instance, I loathe the concept of "Trash". I'm just tossing it out. Maybe we should call it the Ambivalence box? Know what I mean?

Are you living in the moment? The Instagram moment. The Fässbüch moment.

Andy Warhol was wrong - it's not 15 minutes of fame it's about 15 milliseconds. But, you have to repeat everyday infinitesimally.

Infinite fame. I think of somebody like David Carson who (was awesome) at one point, apparently, his doctors told him he needed to stop working for a time because it was completely wearing him out.

Scarcity and anonymity are where it's really at. Just don't be a douchebag.

I think most people will agree that if you need to proclaim yourself a "stable" "winning" "genius" it means that something is wrong.

I am none of those things btw. ;)


I always equate using a blur with a faux lighting effect. I'm curious if solely digital (and probably on web) designers feel this way. Is blur just a blur, to you? Send me an email if you have a note about this...

I can never bring myself to blur anything on the web for the above reason. I'm trying though... ;)

The "information age" sure is turning out to be awesome. Right?



What is this site really about? I don't know either, but I wrote this when I first put it online.


"Social networks" before the Social Networks™. I miss those days. I still have friends I made in the late 90's from some of those places.


Everybody should be trying to achieve scarcity.

When everybody's homes are filled with luxury goods they won't be worth much. Non-mass produced handmade goods will be worth trillions (I'm accounting for future inflation, haha).


I'm really looking forward to putting out some new things in 2018. While I am discouraged by the way the net has evolved I am happy to be doing my very small thing to keep the independent internet alive.


If you get why this is cool. You are pretty cool, too.

Here is a hint.


Gold rush 2030, literally, gold leaf covered everything, anything. Condoms! Wagyu! Truffles! Doughnuts! Cats! #scentistsgetworkin

Patented and Health are two words when put together you should be totally suspicious about. I don't care if that's improper English - you get the idea.

I recommend that you research your favorite songs. What/who are the references? Listen to those songs, albums and artists. Your discography will immediately expand in many unique, mind expanding directions.


Well, well, well...



Let's start a new movement sending fun/friendly emails to people you don't know.



My flex layout is busted. Sorry about that. I'll try to fix this up in a bit.

Dieter Rams

Good design is innovative
Good design makes a product useful
Good design is aesthetic
Good design makes a product understandable
Good design is unobtrusive
Good design is honest
Good design is long-lasting
Good design is thorough down to the last detail
Good design is environmentally-friendly
Good design is as little design as possible

Nice discussion starting here on this.


Following drama via Twitter is pretty much like reading only the last three words of a book.


Think before you signup. #areyousure #credibility


Listening to Nirvana play arguably one of their worst shows ever (Buenos Aires, 1992). Hating the partisan bullshit that is going on in DC. Dave Grohl techno anybody?

I am mostly afraid to leave public comments anywhere around the net because inevitably it will turn into a shit show. #thenetisdying #beniceorelse


Shall we talk about ethics involving the internet? Oh waaaaaaaait, I'm sorry - we aren't supposed to do that.


I don't give a fuck about your personal brand. What I care about is if you are a good person.


When I was a kid we didn't have so many drug ads on tv. In 1997 they changed the rules and the pharma ads began. Today, when I watch tv from the US, I am astounded by the amount of drug ads. Am I the only one who sees a connection between opioid abuse and pharma tv ads?


I'm sorry, but I am totally loathe to the kool-aid that social media fuckwads are selling to the masses. If it's good, people will show up. Marketing shit in a shitty way is shit. Stop bothering us with your social influencer garbage.


It is almost easier to utilize every new design trend than not.


I would love a feature for my email app where only notes from VIP's would be received on weekends. All of the other email would be held until Monday morning. I really don't like getting work email on weekends...bleh...go outside and do something else!


Having ideas you really want to share but can't (because this current internet is total shit) is lonely. I wish I had somebody to talk to...

There isn't an app for that.

The iPad needs a true remote control.


The moment is near...

I can't wait until tech is so cheap where we can all make that completely stupid, ironic, shitty device and have fun with it.

I'm going to China next year to make it happen - who is coming with me?


There ought to be more love songs involving fax machines.


The expat lifestyle can be alienating and lonely. You don't have the friends you grew up around you or a community where you are recognized when you are out and about. Having friends through work is more complicated as people come and go very quickly before you form stronger friendships. It seems like your closest friends are leaving every six months.

I have days where I just want to connect with friends around the world and I send odd emails trying to catchup or insert my probably not wanted critique of their latest project. Not everybody does this themselves. Not everybody likes it. Not everybody even bothers to read their email closely. So, I'm grateful when friends/colleagues respond. I often wonder if they understand what I'm going through or if they just think I'm weird.

It is kind of weird though but I don't think I'm the only person who does this kind of thing. Anyways, if you get a weird email from me I'm just missing talking to you. I'm hoping that I'll actually see you soon, too.


It has become nearly impossible to be different.


How often does a quick search for info shape your thought? #thoughtpattern


I'm currently designing a new app. I don't really want my apps to feel like apps. Yes, I realize that's impossible but maybe if I repeat it my head a billion times it will come true.

Just trying to prepare for hurricane Irma. I hope I still have a home to live in on friday morning.


The layout on my site is randomly freaking out. This is my art! Deal with it. I'm cringing inside until I can look into the problem. Smiley-winky-face.

Indeed, indeed. Indeed.


I'm not going to link to it, but now Google is forcing a site to remove a 'hate' article or lose their AdSense. Now, I'm not for hate anywhere, but when the (corporate) powers that be act this way, it's just another nail in the coffin of the 'open' web. Which, has been under massive assault by the same corporate powers for years.

I don't know what the solution is to be honest. I just know that 15 years ago we didn't see this coming. Or, maybe some people did.

Writing nearly anything on the internet now turns into a contentious act. Everybody needs to chill out...


Sincerity seems to be a new form of weakness.

It's clear that Facebook is on the decline because EVERY week they remind me that I need to post something. Seen the same on every social network in the past...


Seriously guys (and gals), you are going to make me eat my words for this one, but in todays internet anything that markets itself as "minimal" or "built by designers for designers" or "for creative entrepreneurs", you can assuredly rest on the fact that it's not unique, patentable or all that good.

Don't forget that marketing is marketing and our current internet is 110% marketing (and they are still tracking you so they can sell your data).


Somebody needs to make a search engine for album covers that searches by description - not band name.


Sometimes I really get bored of good typography on the web. Too many things are like shiny brochures with photos of perfect food.


I wish "tree mail" was a real thing.


Social media is the Idiocratization of our country.


The only expertise I have is a belief that things are possible.


End the corporate welfare state!


Everybody is an expert.
Nobody is an expert.


Sorry for all the news related posts recently...

But, gosh darn, the news is not a hate spewing festival! Tell the damn news like it's the news. Exclamation mark.


Media consumption has dramatically changed from reading things in print or watching the nightly news. Now, it's 24 hours or headlines alone read online. It's clearly wearing people down. We're living in an age of news anarchy.


Does your startup or online business have a sales person? Obviously, you need a bunch of engineers and designers to get the job done, but you also need somebody, even beyond a social media person, to sell it. Looking over this list of Soundcloud people looking for work, I only see two sales people (and no social media persons).

I don't want to sell things. You probably don't want to sell things. But, somebody needs to do it. Maybe that's the missing ingredient in many of these operations?

Yes, I realize many of them are just stupid ideas that went too far, but I'm sure you get my point.


There clearly is an end game to all of this fake news molarkey. The delegitimization of real news. Call everything 'fake', every day, and eventually it works. Eventually, government will step in and target the actual fake news and this will be just a stones throw away from legitimate news.

Right now, real news organizations should be focusing more than ever on real news. Reporting night and day about tweets is retarded. I'm not brilliant or even qualified but let me run one of those news agencies and I'll make damn sure they start doing proper news reporting again.

When the government cracks down on fake news - it's time to be afraid. This is a bigger issue than gun control.


If I could write a love song to the internet - this would be it. Complete with Chilean flutes and pedal steel guitars, too!


When was the last time you sent somebody an email just to see how they are doing? People probably think I'm weird, but I do this frequently.

Check up on somebody today you haven't talked to in some time...


After the recent shooting in DC I was completely dismayed at the polarizing things people were saying on social media (and on the greater web). I've lived outside of the US for 15 years now - but I have never seen anything quite like that. I expect overly exaggerated debates during an election cycle, but what happened recently was so much lack of humanity. I don't like social media but I do use it to research various things. The tribalism, some of it I believe is subversively coerced, is going to lead to something really bad.

I went to Japan. I rode bikes in cities. I was astonished by order and good manners. I ate too much. Now, I need to get back into the groove of this thing...

I'm obsessed with this version of this song. I think I'll get my fourth or fifth masters degree based upon it.

I think I'm going to make a playlist or mix or something sort of like the radio shows I did in college. But, I doubt I'll speak on it and I definitely won't play Gyuto monk chanting over the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack on repeat for an entire day (I can't believe we did that).


On iOS, typing 'shit' does not bring up the poop emoji. WTF?! [smile] [wink wink]

I think electric bikes are going to be way bigger than electric cars. We're living in the city - we don't need an electric car to help us sit in traffic. An electric bike will simply go around it carefree.

I would like an electric bike that has an elevated seat and also makes pizza on-demand.


The reporting of "news" is not supposed to be exciting in any way. And then, god created ratings.

On my upcoming lo-fi, R&B album all of the songs were inspired by eighties BMX films.


The latest startup gold rush? Creating a TV show.


Update for a previous post: not all attorneys are bad. In fact, a hell of alot of them are great. I'm talking specifically about the power hungry types who are looking for selfish ways to profit from their position. Those ones.

What I like about the attorneys I know and like is that they are well educated, rational more than most of us, know how to use the system hopefully for good and are generally informed about so many things they are a pleasure to speak with. Just wanted to put the record straight about that...


When I first moved to Europe I was terrified to discover that the most used language in the EU was English! I guess I thought that way because I don't consider England to be a European country - although they are a member of the EU. I thought the primary language would be French.

I am super curious to see how that shakes out after brexit is finished but I am told by many folks working for the EU that English will still remain the dominant language. Most newer entrants will demand so.

Put your work into having a product (or service). Hyping your new thing should only come about when you actually have something tangible to work with. I thing we've all arrived to the point where hearing about this or that new future service, sign-up-for-an-annoucement, etc., has grown irksome.

There is this new space in language from the past 10 (?) years where we express ourselves in a super brief way - like a tweet and/or emoticon. But, while the dust is still settling on this new medium you see people awkwardly explaining the trigger of an emotion in plain language. I've done it many times in this journal, too (the previous version). I wonder what linguists would call this?


I thought I was making something cultural and bigger than myself. In reality, I was just making myself go broke. C'est la vie.


I'm not going to say which nightly news I'm watching from this hotel but holy geezus why can't they just report the news instead of all the opinion, guffaws, hand gestures and attempts at meme-making.

Have you seen the movie "Idiocracy"? It's a worthy watch.


It's a weird thing on the net how you have so many people who rush to the newest and hopefully most profitable thing so they can "monetize". I'm not much of a fan or advocate of advertising on the net. Well, I could be if it didn't involve so much crap and tracking. But, now, it's just turning the net into a giant cheap strip mall.

Anyways, Youtube. I would posit that perhaps 5% of these daily vloggers (entertainers?) have real skill and creativity involved in the making their videos. The rest of them, the ones that are trying to build communities and earn a living, are involved in the latest and perhaps most convenient gold rush on the net. It had to end at some time.

Yes, it's a still and new and exciting platform, but being entitled to those advertiser dollars does not make sense. It's not a job. It's a hobby. When the internet became this amazing thing where everybody's hobby turned into a job (happened to me, too) is when passion eventually begins getting tossed out the door.

So, when I hear people complaining that Youtube is no longer paying enough money all I can think about is what their real passion was in the first place.


I've dreamed since I was a teenager that David Byrne and Penguin Cafe Orchestra would make an album together.


You have to marvel at how much easier flex is to use over float. If you don't know what that is just Google 'css flex'. And maybe next year grid will be ready. Maybe (?), it's getting easier to build websites? Well, now that we're not worrying about older IE as much, that's a pretty dumb statement. Of course, things are getting easier. I wonder how many billions were lost debugging things around IE.


Damn, I was plotting to do something like this! Except, with crayons and it would be different.

With the massive number of gun related deaths in the US every year I'm surprised that Europe (EU) hasn't implemented any travel alerts of their own?

You know, because this. All. Of. Europe. What?

Note: if you didn't know, I'm a US citizen. ;)

Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not.

Abstraction is one of the greatest visionary tools ever invented by human beings to imagine, decipher, and depict the world.
~ Jerry Saltz

10% Square

30% Square

50% Square

80% Square

The job of a designer is to be curious, raise questions and find creative answers. The job of a developer is ultimately to answer all the questions in an efficient manner (which is also a creative act). Programming is a yes/no propositional paradigm (?!) while designing is a much more ethereal minded way of solving problems.

I wish I could get that statement down to a single sentence. Maybe another day.


Years ago I had a rare disease called sarcoidosis. One of the nice things during that time was that I could sleep on my back. I loved crawling into bed, laying on my back and then I'd be out in a couple minutes. Of course, having that disease was a whole new level of tiredness.

But, now I'm recovered and I sleep on the left or right side. Which leads to me question - do most people sleep in similar positions on both sides?

Mostly I prefer sleeping on my right side. I have this habit of extending my arms and legs straight out together, with my toes and fingers just barely off the edge of the bed. It's a weird position according to people who know about it but I find is so comfortable.

And, like most people, I toss from side to side during the evening. My left side position is more - fetal - I guess I would call it. I end up with my left hand under my face. I also occasionally have some numbness in my left arm from this position.

I honestly feel that the quality of government could be vastly improved if more students were encouraged at younger ages to study the subject of working in government. Civics?

As it stands, a massive percentage of politicians are attorneys. Their skillful bending, manipulating and parsing the laws and language of the country do not necessarily serve it well.

When I was a student, and I believe it's similar today, I was encouraged to study math and science. Yes, these are great pursuits but do these qualify one for certain kinds of jobs? I don't have the answer, but when you see interview after interview with politicians parsing every damn statement, you just have to wonder how in the hell they got there?

We need less of those people. We need people who understand a true responsibility to national interest. Would it be so bad that more young students would say "I want to grow up to work in government"?


Tap, swipe, rotate is the new button, lever, knob.


Btw, this site runs on Indexhibit. It's using a never publicly released journal add-on and a customized Documenta theme. I'm planning to release it in a few weeks. If you are interested in using this setup let me know.


I'm quite certain I have spent most of my life not sleeping well.

You know those people who live to be 115 years old and who claim that eating vats of butter and drinking whiskey every day is the key to longevity? Well, I think their real secret (aside from not giving a fuck) is that they sleep really well. For whatever reason, as children, they learned how to sleep through sibling attacks, hurricanes, godzilla and even a Trump administration. This, is a real skill.

My own theory is that true sleep leads to preventing stress, obesity, cancer, all kinds of mental disease, etc. Plus, they are rested and have a head start every day. They can focus and get stuff done!

Only lately, I've found my own method for getting better sleep. Proper restful sleep most nights. I'm not going to live to be 115 but it sure helps.


This is an unpaid advertisement.

This is my Twitter, my Facebook, my Instagram, my LiveJournal, my Blogger, my Friendster, my Snapchat, my Pinterest, my Tinder, my Zombo.com, my moodboard, my trainwreck, my real-life, my whatever-the-fuck-I-want-it-to-be. The internet was once a damn fun, cool, awesome, creative, democratic and mostly ethical place to hang out.

I'd love if you follow me here. Maybe I'll make a phone app out of this site. Maybe I'll steal all the interface ideas from Facebook. Maybe I'll call it VaskaChat. I think I need at least three hundred million to make this happen. Oi vey...

My TOS, you ask? I don't track you, I don't monetize your existence, I don't use your name for my own profit, I'm just having fun so if you don't like the weekly color scheme or think the usability sucks (you know who I'm talking about) it's going to be ok. ;)

The implications of this existing are amazing.

I don't believe in social media the way that you might. I understand for business it could be an OK thing. But, for the average person to be spamming their near every thought, trying to be a social influencer (and making money from it) - how would you feel if I showed up at your doorstep with a sign trying to sell you things? Ok? Please stop doing it...just be a regular person.


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