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Wow. Philip DeFranco is building his own video platform. Soon, he won't need Youtube. It's clear what is coming down the road. So smart!

In ten years he will be the next Peter Jennings. Something like that. With more curse words. I'm good with it.

Was Youtube ever supposed to be a job for people? Was Vine? Whatabout...

You get the point. It's a bit surreal to think that some of these social platforms are practically job choices now. Of course, if everybody could, they would be John, Paul, George and Ringo (heard of them?), but it's not possible.

I've posted about this before - I just feel that it's very weird. If one of my nieces or nephews told me they were going to be a Youtube star I would just nod. And then, I would probably harass them with fireworks as much as possible.

Good content is good content, right? ;)


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This site is run on Indexhibit. This log uses a new (experimental) thing I released a few days ago. Of course, this format is a pretty heavily modified Documenta format. No, I don't think I will release it but I bet with some ingenuity you can do it too. It would be more cool though if you did something unique. ;)

You probably already saw this but whatevs...

Indexhibit Journal/Log System


Interactive Phone Book!

Many years ago I got a jaywalking ticket for crossing a single lane, one-way street in an outer part of downtown Seattle. I was baffled. The police didn't appreciate that I was laughing about it - but I simply couldn't believe what was happening. I happily accepted the ticket and paid it immediately at the local courthouse the same day. Yes, I thought it was completely ridiculous but I don't make those laws.

And then you read an article like this - The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of "jaywalking" - and I can't help but be really annoyed. In my opinion, the police have far more important things to do.

In Bolivia, they slow down traffic in the big city with Zebras.


Can Instagram tell you who you are?

Notwithstanding that it is part of FB and I really don't like social apps - I do make a light use of Instagram. I tell friends who want to follow me that I don't use it in a normal way and that they can't follow me nor will I follow them back.

I follow very few things and because they are not friends I have no problem removing something when I'm done.

I have never considered much what I was following except that I was aware there are some small trends. My feed consists solely of woodworkers who usually show work-in-progress photos, two feeds related to art and the rest are Asian antique dealers (mostly small goods).

I do not follow any graphic designers, curated design farms or anything related to the web at large.

It just ended up that way. Maybe next year it will be rather different.

What's in your feed - are there any trends you can identify?

I could write extensively about why I don't follow friends and colleagues but that can be another post some day.

It's interesting how perceptions around the . (period) have changed. I never thought I would see or even understand this, but somehow I do. I believe that for informal conversations it can simply feel too strong (or even aggressive).

I've always been partial to ... (ellipsis) for ending conversations but I always thought of it simply as a bad habit.


i'm sorry, but angry music or sad music is much more intellectual than bland music.


Beware of your own echo chamber. Google and Facebook are the deepest caverns of your own bias.

I suggest that everybody take the day off to think about it.

The drama of the Internet is that it has promoted the village idiot to the bearer of truth
- Umberto Eco, on Social Media

I found this quote in a discussion on HN (always such good discussions by smart people - what the internet used to be better at years ago).

What was I saying yesterday, Pascal! ;)


David Byrne has a new song out. First time I heard it I thought how amazing it is that he can write a good song and a terrible song at the same time (the chorus seriously needs work).

Everybody's Coming To My House

My website is kind of boring, innit? I have zero plans to make it less boring.

Goin' Nowhere Fast

I think the way to de-sensify desensitized persons who stare at a screen of some kind all day, every day, is to force them to have to talk to people while looking directly into their eyes.

How easy it is to lack humanity from behind the keyboard...sadly.


Don't "work" all the time. Don't do the same thing every time. Do useless things. Do things you will toss in the garbage the moment they are done. Make time to be useless - it will liberate your mind.


From now on I'm going to produce all my graphic design works using only a power drill.


Seriously, I look at Twitters and just blink many times. What the hell?! I don't even bother with the Fässbüch's. My goodness people - just talk to each other. In the same room. Maybe on the phone. With other people in the room. People who are not on their phones. People who are also talking. Talking about the things being talked about.


I'm an ok cook. I think the single most amazing thing I've learned over the years about cooking is the simple and incredible value of salt. Salting things properly. Brining things properly.

I'm tired of OS X. Apple is pretty much the only technology company I completely trust, though.

Maybe, all I really need are new metaphors.

For instance, I loathe the concept of "Trash". I'm just tossing it out. Maybe we should call it the Ambivalence box? Know what I mean?

Are you living in the moment? The Instagram moment. The Fässbüch moment.

Andy Warhol was wrong - it's not 15 minutes of fame it's about 15 milliseconds. But, you have to repeat everyday infinitesimally.

Infinite fame. I think of somebody like David Carson who (was awesome) at one point, apparently, his doctors told him he needed to stop working for a time because it was completely wearing him out.

Scarcity and anonymity are where it's really at. Just don't be a douchebag.

I think most people will agree that if you need to proclaim yourself a "stable" "winning" "genius" it means that something is wrong.

I am none of those things btw. ;)


I always equate using a blur with a faux lighting effect. I'm curious if solely digital (and probably on web) designers feel this way. Is blur just a blur, to you? Send me an email if you have a note about this...

I can never bring myself to blur anything on the web for the above reason. I'm trying though... ;)

The "information age" sure is turning out to be awesome. Right?



What is this site really about? I don't know either, but I wrote this when I first put it online.


"Social networks" before the Social Networks™. I miss those days. I still have friends I made in the late 90's from some of those places.


Everybody should be trying to achieve scarcity.

When everybody's homes are filled with luxury goods they won't be worth much. Non-mass produced handmade goods will be worth trillions (I'm accounting for future inflation, haha).


I'm really looking forward to putting out some new things in 2018. While I am discouraged by the way the net has evolved I am happy to be doing my very small thing to keep the independent internet alive.


If you get why this is cool. You are pretty cool, too.

Here is a hint.


Gold rush 2030, literally, gold leaf covered everything, anything. Condoms! Wagyu! Truffles! Doughnuts! Cats! #scentistsgetworkin

Patented and Health are two words when put together you should be totally suspicious about. I don't care if that's improper English - you get the idea.

I recommend that you research your favorite songs. What/who are the references? Listen to those songs, albums and artists. Your discography will immediately expand in many unique, mind expanding directions.


Well, well, well...



Let's start a new movement sending fun/friendly emails to people you don't know.



My flex layout is busted. Sorry about that. I'll try to fix this up in a bit.

Dieter Rams

Good design is innovative
Good design makes a product useful
Good design is aesthetic
Good design makes a product understandable
Good design is unobtrusive
Good design is honest
Good design is long-lasting
Good design is thorough down to the last detail
Good design is environmentally-friendly
Good design is as little design as possible

Nice discussion starting here on this.


Following drama via Twitter is pretty much like reading only the last three words of a book.


Think before you signup. #areyousure #credibility


Listening to Nirvana play arguably one of their worst shows ever (Buenos Aires, 1992). Hating the partisan bullshit that is going on in DC. Dave Grohl techno anybody?

I am mostly afraid to leave public comments anywhere around the net because inevitably it will turn into a shit show. #thenetisdying #beniceorelse


Shall we talk about ethics involving the internet? Oh waaaaaaaait, I'm sorry - we aren't supposed to do that.


I don't give a fuck about your personal brand. What I care about is if you are a good person.


When I was a kid we didn't have so many drug ads on tv. In 1997 they changed the rules and the pharma ads began. Today, when I watch tv from the US, I am astounded by the amount of drug ads. Am I the only one who sees a connection between opioid abuse and pharma tv ads?


I'm sorry, but I am totally loathe to the kool-aid that social media fuckwads are selling to the masses. If it's good, people will show up. Marketing shit in a shitty way is shit. Stop bothering us with your social influencer garbage.


It is almost easier to utilize every new design trend than not.


I would love a feature for my email app where only notes from VIP's would be received on weekends. All of the other email would be held until Monday morning. I really don't like getting work email on weekends...bleh...go outside and do something else!


Having ideas you really want to share but can't (because this current internet is total shit) is lonely. I wish I had somebody to talk to...

There isn't an app for that.

The iPad needs a true remote control.


The moment is near...

I can't wait until tech is so cheap where we can all make that completely stupid, ironic, shitty device and have fun with it.

I'm going to China next year to make it happen - who is coming with me?


There ought to be more love songs involving fax machines.


The expat lifestyle can be alienating and lonely. You don't have the friends you grew up around you or a community where you are recognized when you are out and about. Having friends through work is more complicated as people come and go very quickly before you form stronger friendships. It seems like your closest friends are leaving every six months.

I have days where I just want to connect with friends around the world and I send odd emails trying to catchup or insert my probably not wanted critique of their latest project. Not everybody does this themselves. Not everybody likes it. Not everybody even bothers to read their email closely. So, I'm grateful when friends/colleagues respond. I often wonder if they understand what I'm going through or if they just think I'm weird.

It is kind of weird though but I don't think I'm the only person who does this kind of thing. Anyways, if you get a weird email from me I'm just missing talking to you. I'm hoping that I'll actually see you soon, too.


It has become nearly impossible to be different.


How often does a quick search for info shape your thought? #thoughtpattern


I'm currently designing a new app. I don't really want my apps to feel like apps. Yes, I realize that's impossible but maybe if I repeat it my head a billion times it will come true.

Just trying to prepare for hurricane Irma. I hope I still have a home to live in on friday morning.


The layout on my site is randomly freaking out. This is my art! Deal with it. I'm cringing inside until I can look into the problem. Smiley-winky-face.

Indeed, indeed. Indeed.


I'm not going to link to it, but now Google is forcing a site to remove a 'hate' article or lose their AdSense. Now, I'm not for hate anywhere, but when the (corporate) powers that be act this way, it's just another nail in the coffin of the 'open' web. Which, has been under massive assault by the same corporate powers for years.

I don't know what the solution is to be honest. I just know that 15 years ago we didn't see this coming. Or, maybe some people did.

Writing nearly anything on the internet now turns into a contentious act. Everybody needs to chill out...


Sincerity seems to be a new form of weakness.

It's clear that Facebook is on the decline because EVERY week they remind me that I need to post something. Seen the same on every social network in the past...


Seriously guys (and gals), you are going to make me eat my words for this one, but in todays internet anything that markets itself as "minimal" or "built by designers for designers" or "for creative entrepreneurs", you can assuredly rest on the fact that it's not unique, patentable or all that good.

Don't forget that marketing is marketing and our current internet is 110% marketing (and they are still tracking you so they can sell your data).


Somebody needs to make a search engine for album covers that searches by description - not band name.


Sometimes I really get bored of good typography on the web. Too many things are like shiny brochures with photos of perfect food.


I wish "tree mail" was a real thing.


Social media is the Idiocratization of our country.


The only expertise I have is a belief that things are possible.


End the corporate welfare state!


Everybody is an expert.
Nobody is an expert.


Sorry for all the news related posts recently...

But, gosh darn, the news is not a hate spewing festival! Tell the damn news like it's the news. Exclamation mark.


Media consumption has dramatically changed from reading things in print or watching the nightly news. Now, it's 24 hours or headlines alone read online. It's clearly wearing people down. We're living in an age of news anarchy.


Does your startup or online business have a sales person? Obviously, you need a bunch of engineers and designers to get the job done, but you also need somebody, even beyond a social media person, to sell it. Looking over this list of Soundcloud people looking for work, I only see two sales people (and no social media persons).

I don't want to sell things. You probably don't want to sell things. But, somebody needs to do it. Maybe that's the missing ingredient in many of these operations?

Yes, I realize many of them are just stupid ideas that went too far, but I'm sure you get my point.


There clearly is an end game to all of this fake news molarkey. The delegitimization of real news. Call everything 'fake', every day, and eventually it works. Eventually, government will step in and target the actual fake news and this will be just a stones throw away from legitimate news.

Right now, real news organizations should be focusing more than ever on real news. Reporting night and day about tweets is retarded. I'm not brilliant or even qualified but let me run one of those news agencies and I'll make damn sure they start doing proper news reporting again.

When the government cracks down on fake news - it's time to be afraid. This is a bigger issue than gun control.


If I could write a love song to the internet - this would be it. Complete with Chilean flutes and pedal steel guitars, too!


When was the last time you sent somebody an email just to see how they are doing? People probably think I'm weird, but I do this frequently.

Check up on somebody today you haven't talked to in some time...


After the recent shooting in DC I was completely dismayed at the polarizing things people were saying on social media (and on the greater web). I've lived outside of the US for 15 years now - but I have never seen anything quite like that. I expect overly exaggerated debates during an election cycle, but what happened recently was so much lack of humanity. I don't like social media but I do use it to research various things. The tribalism, some of it I believe is subversively coerced, is going to lead to something really bad.

I went to Japan. I rode bikes in cities. I was astonished by order and good manners. I ate too much. Now, I need to get back into the groove of this thing...

I'm obsessed with this version of this song. I think I'll get my fourth or fifth masters degree based upon it.

I think I'm going to make a playlist or mix or something sort of like the radio shows I did in college. But, I doubt I'll speak on it and I definitely won't play Gyuto monk chanting over the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack on repeat for an entire day (I can't believe we did that).


On iOS, typing 'shit' does not bring up the poop emoji. WTF?! [smile] [wink wink]

I think electric bikes are going to be way bigger than electric cars. We're living in the city - we don't need an electric car to help us sit in traffic. An electric bike will simply go around it carefree.

I would like an electric bike that has an elevated seat and also makes pizza on-demand.


The reporting of "news" is not supposed to be exciting in any way. And then, god created ratings.

On my upcoming lo-fi, R&B album all of the songs were inspired by eighties BMX films.


The latest startup gold rush? Creating a TV show.


Update for a previous post: not all attorneys are bad. In fact, a hell of alot of them are great. I'm talking specifically about the power hungry types who are looking for selfish ways to profit from their position. Those ones.

What I like about the attorneys I know and like is that they are well educated, rational more than most of us, know how to use the system hopefully for good and are generally informed about so many things they are a pleasure to speak with. Just wanted to put the record straight about that...


When I first moved to Europe I was terrified to discover that the most used language in the EU was English! I guess I thought that way because I don't consider England to be a European country - although they are a member of the EU. I thought the primary language would be French.

I am super curious to see how that shakes out after brexit is finished but I am told by many folks working for the EU that English will still remain the dominant language. Most newer entrants will demand so.

Put your work into having a product (or service). Hyping your new thing should only come about when you actually have something tangible to work with. I thing we've all arrived to the point where hearing about this or that new future service, sign-up-for-an-annoucement, etc., has grown irksome.

There is this new space in language from the past 10 (?) years where we express ourselves in a super brief way - like a tweet and/or emoticon. But, while the dust is still settling on this new medium you see people awkwardly explaining the trigger of an emotion in plain language. I've done it many times in this journal, too (the previous version). I wonder what linguists would call this?


I thought I was making something cultural and bigger than myself. In reality, I was just making myself go broke. C'est la vie.


I'm not going to say which nightly news I'm watching from this hotel but holy geezus why can't they just report the news instead of all the opinion, guffaws, hand gestures and attempts at meme-making.

Have you seen the movie "Idiocracy"? It's a worthy watch.


It's a weird thing on the net how you have so many people who rush to the newest and hopefully most profitable thing so they can "monetize". I'm not much of a fan or advocate of advertising on the net. Well, I could be if it didn't involve so much crap and tracking. But, now, it's just turning the net into a giant cheap strip mall.

Anyways, Youtube. I would posit that perhaps 5% of these daily vloggers (entertainers?) have real skill and creativity involved in the making their videos. The rest of them, the ones that are trying to build communities and earn a living, are involved in the latest and perhaps most convenient gold rush on the net. It had to end at some time.

Yes, it's a still and new and exciting platform, but being entitled to those advertiser dollars does not make sense. It's not a job. It's a hobby. When the internet became this amazing thing where everybody's hobby turned into a job (happened to me, too) is when passion eventually begins getting tossed out the door.

So, when I hear people complaining that Youtube is no longer paying enough money all I can think about is what their real passion was in the first place.


I've dreamed since I was a teenager that David Byrne and Penguin Cafe Orchestra would make an album together.


You have to marvel at how much easier flex is to use over float. If you don't know what that is just Google 'css flex'. And maybe next year grid will be ready. Maybe (?), it's getting easier to build websites? Well, now that we're not worrying about older IE as much, that's a pretty dumb statement. Of course, things are getting easier. I wonder how many billions were lost debugging things around IE.


Damn, I was plotting to do something like this! Except, with crayons and it would be different.

With the massive number of gun related deaths in the US every year I'm surprised that Europe (EU) hasn't implemented any travel alerts of their own?

You know, because this. All. Of. Europe. What?

Note: if you didn't know, I'm a US citizen. ;)

Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not.

Abstraction is one of the greatest visionary tools ever invented by human beings to imagine, decipher, and depict the world.
~ Jerry Saltz

10% Square

30% Square

50% Square

80% Square

The job of a designer is to be curious, raise questions and find creative answers. The job of a developer is ultimately to answer all the questions in an efficient manner (which is also a creative act). Programming is a yes/no propositional paradigm (?!) while designing is a much more ethereal minded way of solving problems.

I wish I could get that statement down to a single sentence. Maybe another day.


Years ago I had a rare disease called sarcoidosis. One of the nice things during that time was that I could sleep on my back. I loved crawling into bed, laying on my back and then I'd be out in a couple minutes. Of course, having that disease was a whole new level of tiredness.

But, now I'm recovered and I sleep on the left or right side. Which leads to me question - do most people sleep in similar positions on both sides?

Mostly I prefer sleeping on my right side. I have this habit of extending my arms and legs straight out together, with my toes and fingers just barely off the edge of the bed. It's a weird position according to people who know about it but I find is so comfortable.

And, like most people, I toss from side to side during the evening. My left side position is more - fetal - I guess I would call it. I end up with my left hand under my face. I also occasionally have some numbness in my left arm from this position.

I honestly feel that the quality of government could be vastly improved if more students were encouraged at younger ages to study the subject of working in government. Civics?

As it stands, a massive percentage of politicians are attorneys. Their skillful bending, manipulating and parsing the laws and language of the country do not necessarily serve it well.

When I was a student, and I believe it's similar today, I was encouraged to study math and science. Yes, these are great pursuits but do these qualify one for certain kinds of jobs? I don't have the answer, but when you see interview after interview with politicians parsing every damn statement, you just have to wonder how in the hell they got there?

We need less of those people. We need people who understand a true responsibility to national interest. Would it be so bad that more young students would say "I want to grow up to work in government"?


Tap, swipe, rotate is the new button, lever, knob.


Btw, this site runs on Indexhibit. It's using a never publicly released journal add-on and a customized Documenta theme. I'm planning to release it in a few weeks. If you are interested in using this setup let me know.


I'm quite certain I have spent most of my life not sleeping well.

You know those people who live to be 115 years old and who claim that eating vats of butter and drinking whiskey every day is the key to longevity? Well, I think their real secret (aside from not giving a fuck) is that they sleep really well. For whatever reason, as children, they learned how to sleep through sibling attacks, hurricanes, godzilla and even a Trump administration. This, is a real skill.

My own theory is that true sleep leads to preventing stress, obesity, cancer, all kinds of mental disease, etc. Plus, they are rested and have a head start every day. They can focus and get stuff done!

Only lately, I've found my own method for getting better sleep. Proper restful sleep most nights. I'm not going to live to be 115 but it sure helps.


This is an unpaid advertisement.

This is my Twitter, my Facebook, my Instagram, my LiveJournal, my Blogger, my Friendster, my Snapchat, my Pinterest, my Tinder, my Zombo.com, my moodboard, my trainwreck, my real-life, my whatever-the-fuck-I-want-it-to-be. The internet was once a damn fun, cool, awesome, creative, democratic and mostly ethical place to hang out.

I'd love if you follow me here. Maybe I'll make a phone app out of this site. Maybe I'll steal all the interface ideas from Facebook. Maybe I'll call it VaskaChat. I think I need at least three hundred million to make this happen. Oi vey...

My TOS, you ask? I don't track you, I don't monetize your existence, I don't use your name for my own profit, I'm just having fun so if you don't like the weekly color scheme or think the usability sucks (you know who I'm talking about) it's going to be ok. ;)

The implications of this existing are amazing.

I don't believe in social media the way that you might. I understand for business it could be an OK thing. But, for the average person to be spamming their near every thought, trying to be a social influencer (and making money from it) - how would you feel if I showed up at your doorstep with a sign trying to sell you things? Ok? Please stop doing it...just be a regular person.


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