My name is Jeffery Vaska and I'm a designer/developer. I post random things here that don't fit anywhere else. ;)


studio [at] vaska [dot] com


This is my Twitter, my Facebook, my Instagram, my LiveJournal, my Blogger, my Friendster, my Snapchat, my Pinterest, my Tinder, my Zombo.com, my moodboard, my trainwreck, my real-life, my whatever-the-fuck-I-want-it-to-be. The internet was once a damn fun, cool, awesome, creative, democratic and mostly ethical place to hang out.

I'd love if you follow me here. Maybe I'll make a phone app out of this site. Maybe I'll steal all the interface ideas from Facebook. Maybe I'll call it VaskaChat. I think I need at least three hundred million to make this happen. Oi vey...

My TOS, you ask? I don't track you, I don't monetize your existence, I don't use your name for my own profit, I'm just having fun so if you don't like the weekly color scheme or think the usability sucks (you know who I'm talking about) it's going to be ok. ;)